Zodiac Postponed

It’s with a heavy heart we have to announce that Operation Zodiac Croatia will be postponed until September 2021 final date TBA. All tickets will be valid for next year’s game. If for any reason you are unable...

Stalingrad 2019

Stalingrad is at the end of the scenario paintball season for many and normally a cold, if not wet event for the hardened players amongst us. Although this year was blessed with a clear and warm day, perfect for winter paintball. Winter paintball involves good winter paint, once again provided by GI in their heated wagon. Also on stand-by was Chris from the Super5’s shop, providing many paintball related consumables and goodies. Dan, Clare and Ed once again provided Bullswood Skirmish for us to stomp around unhindered. The game-day was split into several mini games, with attack and defend scenarios, although Bullswood is a comparatively small site to many, they have been hosting the Stalingrad event for many years and they know how to make the games flow well.

Reds VS Blues

INTRO Loosely based on the popular Halo franchise and the web series Red Vs Blue, A tongue in cheek take one the age old battle of  Reds Vs Blues. The opening scene from the web series sums up t...