CPPS pre-season cup was the opener for many teams this year, with a risk of being awarded an “I’m an amateur meteorologist  card” buy Ainsley we will try and cover what went  on without talking too much about the weather. Games went ahead on the Astro field for Saturdays lower divisional teams, however gale force gusts kind of ravaged the site, the winds caused a few interruptions, moving bunkers and causing havoc with gazebos. With reports of worse to come for Sunday, the CPPS team couldn’t risk any further damage to equipment and more importantly players, so they made that tough choice to pull the Sunday part of the event, Unfortunate for many but safety comes first. We are just glad that the Pre-season Cup is now a thing, because having the first official leg of the CPPS this weekend over 5 fields would have caused some major issues for even more teams. Anyway, onto the teams that made podium,  Loki Army came in 3rd, Underdogs took 2nd place and the winners taking the first place podium was Morning Wood. There you go!

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